October 13, 2011

2011 Season..........So Far

Been away for a while.....

In the words of Warren Sapp, WHUD I MISS?

How about plenty?

Our Raiders are 3-2, going into a MONTH home stand playing teams that are collectively 4-9. Even beyond that, we play a stagnant Choker team who is only winning because they have the strength of schedule on their side and are beatable, then, a Minnesota team who is no better then the Donkeys or Browns. Here is where they are right now.....

Offensive Ranks - 27th Pass 25th Rush
Defensive Ranks - 4th Pass 25th Rush

All the Raiders have to do is bring their big boy pads on this game day. We need to re-establish our potent running game against a porous defense, while minimizing their opportunities to get their offensive unit on the field. Regardless of the fact that Peyton Hillis has not ran very good this year, a contract year, he is dangerous whether or not the film shows it. We own the offensive line of scrimmage and the defensive line of scrimmage, we run right through the Browns. Bottom Line.

Keys to this game -

Darren McFadden gets the ball pounding going inside. Look for the Browns to bring 8 in the box, and since they have poor gap control, Darren can run the ball through the seams and find that second level quite easily.

Seymour, Kelly, Henderson, Wimbley and McClain are going to play a vital role this day. Look for Cleveland to press the issue with Josh Cribbs against Routt and DVD.

Offensive Ranks - 30th Pass 14th Rush
Defensive Ranks - 17th Pass 26th Rush

What else can be said about these guys other then, they are a hog wash of could have been's and may have been's, but they are banged up. They need some rest to get their heads together, but injuries have killed this team and I do not see them presenting real big issues on us, unless they get the momentum of the game. They are a hard team to stop once that happens. Reminds me of our teams in the 2000's after our Super Bowl let down in 2002. If we can hold them to minimal gains on the ground, I find it real hard that Matt Cassel has any chance of winning this game through the air. They are on a 2 game winning streak, but that will be short lived when they play an actual team like the Raiders.

Keys to this game-

The Raiders have to keep control of the ball on Offense and Man Up and control the Defensive line of Scrimmage. Nuff Said! 


Offensive Ranks - 22th Pass 23rd Rush
Defensive Ranks - 27th Pass 20th Rush

We have played these fools already. They will be looking for revenge, so we have to make sure we don't come in overly confident that they will just allow us to push them around and take our "Bully" attitude. It will be interesting to see how the Tebow thing turns out, as I know it will play heavily on how the team does for the rest of the season. They will indeed play a spoiler role, not a playoff contender, so if Tebow falls on his face with his awkward playing style, we have seen it before and just need to spy him with a LB the whole game. After that, there isn't much to it.

Keys to the Game - Too early to tell. I will update when I see more film on Tebow after he plays Miami next week.

It goes without saying that the passing of Al Davis is on everyone's mind. I for one have a very personal experience with Al, when I met him at Hollywood Park in the Summer of 1994.

Apparently, he was there for the final negotiation attempt to build a new stadium in the North West parking lot of the park, after they had finished demolishing a hotel building that stood in its way. The Great Western Forum was the only other landmark in view, and as My Uncle and I left the Casino from a long day of Horse Racing bets, a limo pulls up and a character comes out of the Presidents exit, dressed in all White. I knew right then and there that it was Al. I ran to him, and his security guard blocked my way. I yelled Al, I want to talk to you and he stopped, turned to me and walked the 15 feet separating us. I said, "Mr. Davis, you are an Icon in Southern California and I have been a DIE HARD FAN since you won the Superbowl on my birthday in 84. Why would you think about leaving LA to go back to Oakland?" To this day, the response I got in return I will never forget..... " I have to go where the money is son." He said. We small talked for a few minutes, and he got into him limo and drove away, moving the team shortly there after. I wished I knew more about his legacy, but being so young, I was more interested in his autograph. Oh well, the conversation I had will last my lifetime.

It is because of you, Al,  that I became CHAOS. My way of representing the Silver and Black and getting away from being just a casual fan! I bleed just as you did, and your impact in my life is visible everyday! Can't wait for my Al Patch, for the Jersey.

Rest In Peace.

Chaotic View

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