October 18, 2011

Week 6.....VICTORY!!

So what did we learn from the game this past Sunday against the Browns? Lets break each of the 3 phases down.


"Just Win Baby" Raiders Vs Browns
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After starting the game out with a 15 play drive that ended up in a touch down by Darren McFadden, my thoughts were that the Browns were in for a long, long day. As the next drive began, it was clear that the Raiders were prepared to show the Raider Nation they they were going to do it for Al and they were not going to disappoint. Then, just as fast as they gained momentum, Jason Campbell had experienced one of those brainfarts he has become all too famous for. Instead of the knucklehead sliding feet first, he went head first, didn't give himself up and lost the football. Well the browns used this to their advantage and scored 7 on us and tied the game. I didn't see much from our offense after that as Jacoby Ford scored on the kickoff return and brought the defense back out. The Offense didn't get the ball back until a few minutes left to go when Campbell got hurt. I'm not sure what to make of it though as Campbell was more of a game manager and not a looked upon figure to carry the load like Darren McFadden. so Boller was brought in and got us out of the half (barely) and came out in the second half with a little more accuracy. The Raiders never gained the momentum back on the offensive side of the ball, with their remaining scores coming on the fake field goal and the one field goal attempt. Something needs to happen to get theses tables turned. The sooner the better.

Overall grade C+


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I have to admit, after the first two Brown possessions, I knew that we were going to make this a one dimensional game on defense. another stellar performance by the front 4 in keeping Peyton Hills to 14 yards before he left with a hamstring injury, but also against his backup, Mike Hardesty, who ran for only another 35 yards after that. It was the secondary I was more concerned about. Once they clamped down on Colt McCoy, the second half kind of just fell into their laps with the only drive that meant anything extending by way of penalties. Dumb drive extenders that kill and momentum that a team prefers to have and took away from any true dominant performances. After their touchdown with 1:30 to go in the 4th I have to admit that my stomach did tense up, but they clamped down in crunch time when it mattered and shut down the last minute effort of the Browns to tie the game with 30 seconds remaining. It looked like we have grown up in some regards and I find myself not praying as hard in those moments anymore. That's a good thing.

Overall grade B

Special Teams

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Well, this was a coaster and special teams played probably the biggest role in this weeks win, as they scored 17 of our 24 points. From Jacoby Ford running back a one hundred and one yard kickoff, to Shane Lechlers' consistent punting and new found NFL talent of QB (yes I know he used to play QB regularly before) to very good coverage on the kickoff team, this part of the squad came up big and was the only spark we had. The one let down they had was on the recovery of the onside kick. I mean come on. That had to be the first completed inside kick I've ever seen. Why did they not have someone else there to block those guys out. These guys need to sell out on that kind of play and I hope Hue looks into that because there will be more close games and we can not afford to give a good team that type of chance. I don't believe we will be so lucky next time.

Overall Grade A-

So what did we learn? We need another QB ON THE ROSTER, and coincidentally Carson Palmer was just signed as I wrote this. We still have work to do in the secondary but it looks like the Curry move was one of the best decisions of the year so far. Last but not least, I'm going to say it now, when we stomp the Chiefs and Broncos, we will in a sense beat out San Diego this year for the division and we will be in the playoffs. I'm not making any predictions, all I am saying is that this division is ready for us to re assume our dominance.

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Welcome back Raider Nation.



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