October 23, 2011

Chiefs @ Raiders Halftime


Coming into the quarter, the Raiders start out with a trick play, going for the TD throw with DHB on the flea flicker. Missing that play and coming back to Jacoby Ford getting the first down extending the drive. Reestablishing the run game, Michael Bush ran like a man possessed. That's the first time I have seen him hit a hole like that all year long, ripping off 34 yards. 3 plays with Bush at the goal line ended with in the Raiders being forced to go for it on 4th down, with them not being able to convert on the 1 yard line. The Chiefs just seemed to want it more.

2nd Possession doesn't get us anywhere but on our asses. The Raiders lost 19 yards on that possession with multiple penalties and poor play execution leading to a huge sack. The one lone bright spot was the final play on 3rd down by Bush getting 18 yards on the delay draw. This offense obviously does not trust Boller and it shows.

After getting the ball in ad field position for the 2nd time today, the offense just looks like it forgot to show up today. A fumble by Boller on the exchange, a quick check down and another run put the Raiders into punt formation. After a illegal use of hands on the Chiefs, the Raiders get the ball back and quickly try to get the offense going into some sort of a positive direction. Tonga with the 6 yard pickup helped get the pressure off Boller.

After getting the first down with Bush off the tackle, the Raiders then complete a 17 yard completion to DHB, putting them at the 47 yard line. Kyle Boller then takes off on first down, trying to give his best Tim Teblow impression and  picked up 20 yards. Trying to do too much, Boller throws his third interception of the game.


3 plays from the Chiefs 1, one pass and two run gain 3 yards. Good defense allow for great field position for the Raiders with the ball going out of bounds at the 50.

2nd possession for the Chiefs shows clearly that the Raiders are over pursuing the ball and taking bad angles for the tackles. After the injury to McClain, and his subsequent exiting stage left to the locker room, Blackstock stepped in nicely and the defense again held the Chiefs to another punt.
With the Chiefs getting the ball back after the interception, the Chiefs settle for 2 running plays and looked almost as if they were ok just ending the half up 14. They then complete a 20 yard out to Dwayne Bowe and try for the hailmary, only to have it intercepted by our new Safety Endukwe at the 2 yard line to end the half.

Special Teams-

For the second time today, Moore on punt return allows the ball to land and bounce inside the 10 yard line, putting the offense into bad situation.

Shane Lechler was saved on a illegal use of the hands penalty, with what looked like one of the worse punts I have ever seen him make. It was obvious that he lost his footing on the plant leg.

Halftime Score 

Raiders 0 Chiefs 14

Chaotic View

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