October 23, 2011

Chiefs @ Raiders 1st Qtr Recap



The Chiefs get the ball to begin the game and as expected, they start out sloppy. Coupled with great pass defense and sloppy play by the Chiefs, like 12 men in the huddle and false start penalties, this game is already going our way.

The Chiefs second possession starts on the 20 yard line with a run, and as has been the case lately, the Raiders stuff the offensive line back 3 yards into the backfield and stop that one in its tracks. Another zone blitz scheme forces a quick throw and an incompletion. They do convert on 3rd down though, with Curry just missing the throw to deflect it. He did however come back on the following 1st down and had a great solo tackle in the flat. After another incompletion and a 8 yard completion to Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs are forced to punt. 
Weird deflection on the Chiefs 1st play of the 3rd possession. A little "trickeration".....ended in a not so much. Loss of 4.  Loose coverageon 3rd down allows Bowe to get a first, extending the drive into the Raiders side of the field. Another first down to Steve Breston on the ensuing play, with the Raiders playing 6 yards off the receivers. Screen gets gobbled up by Stanford Routt, bringing in a 3rd and 7. More loose coverage and a whiff in the open field allows Breston to get the the 15 yard line. The Chiefs keep their momentum going with a pass to Bowe, outstretching the ball over the goal line through the tackle of Routt but was called down by contact on the 6 inch line. Aaron Curry forces the strip on 1st down into the end zone, with the ball being fumbled into the end zone and picked up by an offensive lineman. Chiefs taking a big lead 14-0.


To begin, the Raiders come out with a naked boot and Boller used his legs to get the first 8 yards of the day. The Raiders implement a interesting set, snapping the ball on a quick snap count but Pryor snapped the ball too quick. That was the first time for me to see that. Interesting. Bad throw by Boller putting us at a disadvantage with only 2 minutes off the clock down 0-7, telegraphing his pass the entire way. He can not force throws like that this game, as there is no respect being shown by Kansas City with tight coverage of our receivers ability to get by them. Not to mention that it was double coverage.

Second possession begins with us trying to establish the run. You can see the Chiefs are dedicating an additional 2 defenders in the box. 2nd play on the check down to Darren was to slow down the rush. Boller then tries to scramble on 3rd down and was able to get 2 yards before getting clobbered.

The Raiders get the ball with 8:12 to go on the 1. Michael Bush bowls down some Chiefs and gets the first down. Another run for 2 quick yards and then almost like a punt, Boller throws his second pick of the day.

The Raiders finally start to get some forward progress on offense with the last possession of the quarter, with Taiwan Jones, DHB, and Michael Bush getting into the mix. Looks like Jackson must have lit a fire under someone's ass. Hope we can score on this possession and get back into this game. Time to settle down.

Special Teams

Love the hits I saw on the first punt of the game. Groves came in and laid the wood on a Chief, showing them that we are coming in to knock em out.
After a shaky few possessions, a huge blow to the offense with  Moore allowing a punt to go over his head, not blocking the gunner and the Chiefs down the ball at the 1 yard line.

Ending Score after 1

Raiders 0 Chiefs 14


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