October 18, 2011

Carson Palmer.... The Savior Or The Bandaid?




I am not sure of what to make of this trade for Carson Palmer everyone. I think we all know that with Jason Campbell at the helm, the Raiders became a very managed offense, often taking very little risk downfield because Jason was making it hard for the receivers to stay inbounds, often throwing the ball towards the side lines in an attempt to make up for under throws or just flat out missing the receivers. So, as I look at this deal, I believe the Raiders are sending a message to Jason, your career here in Oakland has now been extinguished, or you will now take a back up role going forward.

I mean think about it. The Raiders sent Cincy their 2012 first-round draft pick and a conditional pick that could become an additional first-rounder in the future. That's 2 1st round picks for a 32 year old QB. Don't get me wrong, I think Carson is a very good pick up, but the facts are the facts, Carson Palmer is going to open up the offense and make better decisions when throwing the ball, but needs time to work with the receiving core on timing I'd expect him to maybe start going into the second half of the season and also look for the Raiders to IR Jason Campbell for the remainder of the year, as well as maybe releasing him going into next year, depending on how Palmer plays.

So what are the numbers behind Palmer?

Lets sum it up.....

Carson Palmer has a 62.9% completion rating. He is very accurate with his throws and is always on time. He has good instincts for the routes and with our offensive line, he shouldn't have any problems picking that percentage up quite a few points.

86.9% Passer Rating.

Palmer has started 97 games in his career after sitting out his rookie season. That delay in his work load I believe allowed him to mature into the role he has played in Cincy, a luxury he will not have here in Oakland.

Carson has tallied 22,964 yards, 154 touchdowns and 100 interceptions over his career.

Carson has 2 4,000 yard seasons (2006, 2007) and a 30 touchdown passing single season (2005).

He has been awarded as a two-time Pro Bowl QB.

He was the Heisman Trophy winner for my USC Trojans in 2002.

He was drafted first overall in 2003. 

And a bit more......... The Business

Palmer has four years and $50 million left on his current contract and stands to earn $11.5 million in 2011. Word on the streets, the contract you see him signing up above is a modified contract price.

Simply said, Carson is as proven as any of the quarterbacks in the league. Carson is a tremendous upgrade of our current roster. Carson is and will be better then any rookie coming in from college in the next few years. So why not. Take the gamble, get a vet in here and lets win this damn thing!

I AM STOKED, and you should be too!

Good move Hue, Mark and Amy!

Chaotic View


  1. I liked Carson when he was here but did not like the way he walked out on a team after he lobbied to get T.O. and other receiver upgrades. The team gave him what he wanted and then he walks out on them at the end of the year. I do not care for that but it appears everyone in this deal seems like they won. Mikey gets two high draft picks, Carson gets a new career and Oakland gets a decent quarterback who is motivated to play again. I am rooting for you guys to get into the playoffs and I guarantee I will be at PBS when the Raiders come into Cinci next season. That will be a loud, emotional game. :-)

  2. Like you said, we all win in this case. I have liked Carson since his High School Football days and have always hoped for a franchise QB like him. Like I said in the blog, I think he has a chance to run this team for a few years. He is proven and will not require a huge salary, because he kind of has to prove himself again, but at least you know what you are getting. I would rather pay someone like him the guaranteed money we wasted on Jamarcus Russel. Thats for sure!