October 23, 2011

Chiefs @ Raiders 3rd Qtr. Recap


Starting out the 2nd half with the ball, The Raiders try for the flea flicker again, and throw an incompletion. Another high throw to DHB goes incomplete and a drop by Hagan brings up a punt. Nothing more to report.

The Carson Palmer era begins with Carson having a 21-0 hole to dig out of. Palmers first play goes to DHB on a long dig route, with a completion. After the play, Palmer got roughed with a low hit to his knees and landed weird. Thank God he got up. Carson hands off to Bush and picked up a quick 6 yards on the ensuing first down. Bush follows that up with a nice spin move to get the Raiders the big first down. A bit of mistiming between DHB and Palmer, with the out route being thrown short. An interesting play call on 3rd down, with a screen call being made and Michael Bush looking down field rather then for the ball, forces the Raiders to go for it on 4th down. Jacoby Ford then created a false start penalty and forced a punt.

First down on the Chiefs 48, a reverse to Jacoby Ford gets the offense 5 yards. The subsequent play, was a go route to Louis Murphy just overthrown. Surprised to see them go for that type of route, with only a few practices in the bag for Palmer. After a quick incomplete to Jacoby Ford on a slant, the Raiders are forced to punt.

After the interception, the Raiders take a big chance going deep to Moore. It was clear Veldheer held on the play, to protect Palmer as the defender was in the backfield before Jared knew what had happened. The Raiders follow up the penalty with a run to Bush on the right, giving him 98 on the day. Staying with the Bush train, a short completion on a 5 yard out. With a 3rd and 9, Carson Palmer threads the needle to DHB for 20 yards to end the quarter.


After the punt, the Chiefs get the ball back and try to establish the run against a stingy Raider Defensive front 7. With little movement, the only advancement of the ball was due to a personal foul on a facemask. After a first down on a long stretch play, Aaron Curry gets involved in the physical play when Aaron Curry sticks his helmet into the back of McClain. After 2 running plays get the Chiefs into the red zone, the Chiefs run a wildcat formation and score from the 7 yard line, pulling away with a 21-0 lead.

The Chiefs 2nd possession begins with a run to the left. After picking up 6, an incomplete to Dwayne Bowe and an all confusing zone blitz scheme forced an incompletion. Chiefs to punt.

Third possession for the Chiefs goes back to the ground with the Chiefs picking up 4 yards. Another stretch play to the right gets the Chiefs a 3rd and 1 from the 9. After initially stopping McCluster, the Chiefs were able to find a small crease and get the first down. Following that picking up of the first down, the Chiefs find a way to pick up another quick first down to Steve Breaston, on DVD. The Raiders then had an opportunity to get an interception with DVD forcing an incompletion on the next down, but the ball eluded Aaron Curry. Following a 13 yard pass completion to Dwayne Bowe for another first down, DVD comes up big and annihilates Steve Breaston on a quick pass to Breaston.  McCluster follows it up on a delay draw where 4 D- Linemen had him behind the line of scrimmage, picking up 16 yards. Almost scripted, DVD then picks the ball off on a wheel route for the Raiders D.

Special Teams-

Finally, some signs of life. The Raiders, forced to punt after their 3rd possession down the Chiefs deep on their side of the field on the 2 yard line.

Score after 3,

Raiders 0 Chiefs 21

Chaotic View

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