October 23, 2011

Chiefs @ Raiders Final


Beginning on our 44 yard line, Palmer comes out gunning throwing a completion to the Boss man for a first down, and what seemed line a huge miscommunication with Moore, the Chiefs pick off the ball and score on a pick 6on the following play. Chalk it up as growing pains. I've talked about it before this week, I personally believe it was too early to get Palmer in there.

So................................. after the kickoff muff, Palmer comes out in a shotgun set and throws a completion to Michael Bush for a quick 5. Another throw on an out route to DHB gets the Raiders 15 yards to the KC 40. Palmer follows that up with a deep slant to Jacoby Ford just out of his reach. 2nd down to Brandon Myers gets the Raiders 9.Michael Bush then looks like a loaf of bread in the air, barely getting the first down.  The following first down throw to Moore, shows Moore over running the route, Palmer missing him by 7 yards. On 2nd down, the Raiders try again for Louis Murphy deep down the sidelines that went incomplete. Palmer came out again on the quick pass, almost anticipating Hagans break from the route, and was whipped around the neck, getting the first down by way of a pass interference penalty. The first play of the next series had Palmer on a roll out to his left, throwing the ball incomplete out of bounds. And.......as if things couldn't get worse, Moore has the ball bounce out of his hands and intercepted in the red zone.


Well, back to our scheduled programming. 8:12 to play and Palmer gets some more practice snaps, throwing a screen pass to Taiwan Jones that got them 33 yards on the catch and run. 2nd down and another interception, with Murphy possibly losing the ball in the sunlight. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA), and the Chiefs getting their 6th of the day.

Taiwan Jones getting some work, picking up 7 on the first down run. After the holding call, Jones misses the short pass over the middle forcing a third down. Murphy then follows that up dropping a sure first down, forcing a punt.


Well, the defense didn't exactly show up today, but can you blame them? They haven't had any help with the offense throwing 5 picks for the day. The Chiefs come out with their first possession of the 4th Qtr running away. After 4 consecutive running plays for a gain, the Raiders were able to swallow up a run forcing a 3rd down. After the time out, it was obvious at least that the Defense didn't check out with 8:42 left to g, as Lamar Houston coming up with the huge tackle behind the line of scrimmage, forcing the punt.

More running on the next possession for the Chiefs.........One pass on 3rd down, missed horribly. Punt.

Done reporting now. This is junk time now and it's already decided.

Special teams-

Well, I just had a bad trip. Jacoby Ford tried to get Al to roll over in his grave by fumbling the ball on the return.


Raiders 0 Chiefs 28

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