March 4, 2011

Been Away For A While!!!!!!

What's good Raider Nation?

I've been away for a while, figuring I would delay the Carpal Tunnel for a year or so and not bore you with the same garbage you were seeing day in and day out about Cable leaving, Hue taking over as the head coach and free agency with Nnamdi this and Nnamdi that.

So here I am. Right back into he flow of it all.

After reading a few of the highlights and low lights of the off season, seems that a lot of good and bad things have sprung up on the Good Ship Raider!

Let me list a few:


Bob Wiley replaces Cable and continues the Zone Blocking Scheme teaching of the O-Line.
Rod Woodson is named D-Backs Coach.
Greg Biekert to coach Line Backers.
Wiz in to bring some stability to the O-Line and teach
these boys how to play football!
Seymour gets a 2 year deal!
Raiders Tag Wimbley.
Sign Henderson and Cartwright
Oft injured Gallery will be gone! (Thank God)
Jamarcus' house is up for foreclosure in Oakland. (Not so much of a baller huh big boy?)


Chuck Bresnaham? Seriously? This guy again?
Tim Brown didn't make the Hall?
Mike Bush arrested for DUI.
Re-sign Stanford "Can't Cover" Routt.
Jerome Boyd?
No contract for Zach Miller yet?

So who and what is left?

Well there is the obvious. Nnamdi Asomugha. There is Khalif Barnes, Bruce Gradkowski, Satele and Bush. There is a chance we could lose the entire season with the CBA still not in place. These names could be just a name out of a hat come September when names like Jones, Schempler, Billery and whatever other names you can think of as I just did could be paid on temporary contracts to "ACT" like football players.

There is a lot of ground to cover from here until the draft.

 Ill check back in soon to give you why I feel each is a pro and con. Stay tuned.

As always Just A

Chaotic View

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