February 7, 2012

NFL Free Agency..... The Back Up QB

Lets make this short and sweet. Of this list of available QB's on the open market, who do you want backing up Carson Palmer and why?

Matt Flynn 
Kyle Orton
Chad Henne
Jason Campbell
David Garrard
Vince Young
Josh Johnson
Shaun Hill
Byron Leftwich
Sage Rosenfels
Brady Quinn
Drew Stanton
Donovan McNabb
Chad Pennington
Rex Grossman
Dennis Dixon
Chris Redman
Josh McCown
Charlie Whitehurst
Luke McCown
Charlie Batch
Jake Delhomme
J.P. Losman
Dan Orlovsky
Derek Anderson
A.J. Feeley
Caleb Hanie
David Carr
Kellen Clemens
Kyle Boller
Mark Brunell
Jeff Garcia
Kevin O'Connell

Leave me a comment below......

Chaotic View


  1. anyone but boller.

    1. They should bring Colt Brennan back! he was phenomenal back in college!

  2. I think they should keep Campbell he has proved he can win games and he is A Raider!!

    1. Do you think he will become a cancer in the locker room with Palmer still there?

  3. The ideal situation would be for Campbell to stay but unfortunately, he won't stay on as a back up. There are too many teams with a need at QB for him to not get a starting job somewhere. Chad Henne would be a solid back up. He has shown some good skills. I'd really like to see what skills Pryor has. Give the kid a shot!!

  4. Jason Campbell. He was winning for us as a starter. Not the greatest but he was doing it. Make Pryor earn his keep as well. Get him out there

    1. Raw and needs work, but Hue liked him.

  5. Like Campbell, Chad Henne probably would have started every game this year if he wasn't injured. Also like Campbell, will he be satisfied playing behind a QB not proned to injury?

    1. I think in this league, every player is going to be subject to injury. Campbell wants to be a starter, so doubt he will be back.

  6. Jason Campbell, He had just gottem in sync with the Raider WRs before injury i think if the Raiders dont pick him up were almost ending his career, he more than likely wont go play as well with another team because our up and coming talent in the Raider receiving core.

  7. Brady Quinn, he's a great QB, just arrived to NFL in not a good team and season... He's better and smarter than Boller, and also has more game knowledge and insticts than Campbell... he can be a great backup QB for Raiders...